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          ABOUT US


          Gold Kirin (Biao Qi Dong Yun ) is a manufacturer focused on the R&D automobile maintenance equipment, automatic coating device and computer car washing equipment. We adhere to the advanced management concept together with perfect quality guarantee system. We implement on the ISO9001:2000 international quality management standard system, and most products have passed CE certification. Our company is located in the Lanting Industrial Area, Shaoxing, a beautiful city with long history and profound culture, in the south of Yangtze River and only 2.5km away from Shaozhu Highway which connected with Jiashao Bridge and Hangzhou Bay. Traffic is convenient. Founded in 1999, the company has more than 10 years of production history, covering an area of 10000 square meters, and the full-time employees more than 100. Welcome to visit us.

          With the development of world science and technology, we strive to keep pace with the times. As a national brand with a number of patents, we based on the brand concept of quality for survival, technology for development, innovation for tomorrow and technology endless. We have already collected many partners and customers both at home and abroad through 10 years of effort. In domestic market, Dong Yun Biao Qi series products cover most provinces, cities and regions. In addition, products are also exported to Nigeria, Australia, Iran, South Africa, Angola, New Zealand, Malaysia, Kampuchea, Suriname and other countries and regions.


          圖片1.pngBiao Qi, the moral is Auspicious Kylin, quality as good as gold (Excellent quality).Dong Yun, the moral is the red sun rising in sky, change rapidly (Spirit of innovation).

          We will always adhere to the marketing concept of “honesty, fairness,perseverance” and the quality policy of “seek perfect, quality win”. We’d like to develop together with our partners and strive to work hard on the field of automobile maintenance and automatic equipment. It is believed that we can make continuous development and step in the front of technology.